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Manchester Provincial Grand Orange Lodge


Official Welcome

May I on behalf of the Manchester province welcome you to our Web Site. I hope you find the content both informative and relevant to the world in which we live today. The purpose of the Orange Order has not changed since its inception in 1807. You may question the relevance of such an organisation in the 21st century but I say the order is as relevant today as it has always been. As a nation we have strayed from the biblical principles on which it was built. The order has not. We are not ashamed to say we are Protestant and take the open Bible as our guide to life.

May you, whether you are a curious visitor or a committed member of the Orange Order find this site as I believe to be a good source of information as to the jurisdiction of the Manchester Grand Provincial Orange Lodge. As you will see our Lodges cover a large area of the north west of England, if you have any queries or wish to join the order please contact us at [email protected]

Bro T. Lord HDGM

Provincial Grand Master

A Little about us

The Orange Institution of England was founded in Manchester in 1807 by soldiers returning from service in Ireland and the Institution has been active in the city and local towns through to the present day. At present, Lodges sit in; Manchester, Bolton, Blackburn, Preston, Burnley, Blackpool and Runcorn.

This website is maintained by Manchester Provincial Grand Orange Lodge. We hope that this website enlightens you with regard to the Orange Institution, local Lodges and our Protestant heritage. If you are interested in joining the Orange Institution, please get in touch.

Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. J. Cooke being presented a Jewel for 25years service to the Orange Institution of England in his home, by the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master of England Bro. T. Lord HDGM

Please feel free to contact us using the email [email protected] if you have any queries or questions that you desire answering. For further information regarding the Orange Order in England you can visit the Grand Orange Lodge of England's website at