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John Wycliffe Memorial - Loyal Orange Lodge 9

Lodge meets in Runcorn on the Second Monday of each month at 19.45hrs

Established at the Halton Hall, Runcorn, 21st August 1973

The following extract has been taken from the minutes of the first meeting of LOL9 in 1973.

“The Worthy Master Bro. D. Carter addressed the floor and proceeded to explain the reason why John Wycliffe had been chosen as the name of the lodge, stating that as the clergy in Runcorn have taken a committed stand towards ecumenism and that any lodge in Runcorn would be an embarrassment to them. Therefore it was decided to choose the name of one of the first English Protestants in an effort to embarrass them even more and John Wycliffe was decided upon.”

An extract was read to the lodge describing John Wycliffe. “It showed him as a priest who was concerned about the amount of Papal authority found in England and what it was doing to his beloved country. His Theory of Dominion was the basis of all his beliefs, showing that the authority of the wicked could not come from God and that the Papal power was derived from the Caesars of Imperial Rome and no from Christ or Peter. This showed Wycliffe to be ahead of his time because it was these thoughts that prepared the ground for the Reformation between one and two hundred years later”.