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Manchester Province is made up of two Districts, Manchester City District No. 34 and Red Rose 'Harold Smith HDGM Memorial' District No. 13, within these districts are a number of Private Lodges:

Adult Male Lodges

John Wycliffe Memorial LOL9, District 34 - Meets Second Monday in Runcorn

Pendle Sons of Ulster LOL25, District 34 - Meets Last Wednesday in Burnley

Pride of Preston LOL282, District 13 - Meets First Friday in Preston

Lingley Memorial LOL676, District 34 - Meets First Thursday in Rochdale

Victoria's Pride LOL788, District 13 - Meets Third Thursday in Bolton

Blackburn No Surrender LOL855, District 13 - Meets Third Sunday in Blackburn

Blackpool Faith Defenders LOL2001, District 13 - Meets First Tuesday in Blackpool

Adult Female Lodges

Prince William of Wales LLOL184, District 13 - Meets Third Wednesday in Bolton

Daughters of Ulster LLOL150, District 34 - Meets Last Sunday in Rochdale

Junior Lodges (Mixed)

Blackpool Faith Defenders JLOL282, District 13 - Meets Third Monday in Blackpool

Robert Watson Memorial JLOL283, District 34 - Meets First Sunday in Middleton

The majority of the work carried out by the Orange Institution is completed by private Lodges, which meet once a month. It is into these Lodges that candidates are admitted by a simple Biblical Ceremony into membership of the Loyal Orange Institution.

There are seven Male Lodges, two Ladies Lodges and two Junior Lodges. The Junior Lodges are attached to adult Lodges, JLOL 282 being paired with LOL 2001 and JLOL 283 being paired with LLOL 150. More information regarding the Junior Lodges can be found on the corresponding adult Lodge page. Below is a list of the active Lodges within Manchester Province. If you would like more information on any of the Lodges or would like to join the Institution, please feel free to contact us at; [email protected] or fill in the form at the bottom of the page. Please state which Lodge you are enquiring about in your message.

L.O.L 9 John Wycliffe Memorial, Runcorn


L.O.L 25 Pendle Sons of Ulster, Burnley

LOl 25-Burnley

Ladies L.O.L 184 Prince William of Wales, Lancashire

loll 184-Lancashire 

Ladies L.O.L 150 Daughters of Ulster, Manchester

LLOL 150-Manchester

L.O.L 282 Pride of Preston

lol 282-Preston

L.O.L 676 Lingley Memorial, Manchester

lol 676-Manchester

L.O.L 788 Victoria's Pride, Bolton

lol 788-bolton

L.O.L 855 Blackburn No Surrender

lol 855-Blackburn

L.O.L 2001 Blackpool Faith Defenders

lol 2001-blackpool